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Nature Inspired Clothing for Everyday Living
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Original Designs to Intrigue and Inspire
Nature Inspired Clothing for Everyday Living...
There is a long pebbled path leading you past whiffs of incense and flickering Balinese lanterns as you wind your way through the bamboo thicket to your private villa overlooking the gentle lap of ocean waves on the beach far below...
This shirt is perfect for a resort vacation, or a staycation in your own backyard.

Bamboo Nights
...away from the ordinary
This is the place to find stylish, chic, and unique nature inspired clothing and housewares. Each item is a hand painted original. All of our items are made from 100% organic and sustainable cotton. Our boutique quality tees are well worn and travel tested. We use only safe, water based paints and earth friendly cleaning supplies. A portion of all proceeds supports animal rescue and ocean conservation. You can look good and feel great about wearing our environmently conscious sustainable apparel. 
Beautiful, pure, decorative, edible, holy, sacred...

There are many ways to know and use the lotus plant.
You can use it as the perfect new shirt for your next yoga or Pilates class, or out to your local outside cafe for a relaxing afternoon.
Welcome to PutuPrincess Escapes... 
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Intricate old wood carvings, a collection of random coins, tiny amulets, the sweet haunting fragrance of plumeria blossoms and burning incense...all these inspired this design. I hope you wear it while remembering fond travel memories or pondering your future faraway travels...

Thai Spire
Indian Lotus
Where will nature's path lead you...